Springer Collections is now offering an automatic way to help you pay off your debt!

How?  Simple.  Reduce your debt automatically every time you swipe your debit card or have a banking transaction (i.e. auto payments for your mortgage, car insurance, life insurance, etc.).  The smallest of changes can make a HUGE difference over time.  These small, digestible payments taken out real time, help you pay your debt faster without thinking about it!

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How Does It Work?

In three simple steps, you will be closer to a zero balance.

  1. Select SIGN UP NOW and register

  2. Connect your bank account and provide your debt collection account information

  3. Tell us how much money to add every time you swipe your debit card or make a banking transaction

As you spend money, SpenDebt will collect your micropayments throughout the month and then send a one-time payment on behalf of you towards your debt…automatically every month!

Here’s an example:

  • You owe $500 to Springer Collections
  • After signing up for SpenDebt, you set your micropayment to $1
  • $1 is deducted with every transaction you make
  • If you have 30 transactions in a month, then $30 ($1 x 30 transactions) will be sent as payment to Springer Collections

Take the thinking out of getting out of debt.  SpenDebt makes it automatic!

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