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Spendaway helps you increase your investments

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Spendaway helps you increase your investments


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Link your bank account and define which debt to pay off

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Specify micro transaction size (anything above $0.50)

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We love answering questions

Here are some common ones

A. Yes. However, the first month is FREE!!! Then we charge $3.99 per month for unlimited transactions.
A. Yes. You can change the micropayment amount as often as you like.
A. Yes. You can change the cap amount as often as you like
A. No. If you don’t see your bank account available, please tell us (by sending an email to info@spendaway.com) so we can be inclusive of your financial institution.
A. No. At this time Spendaway does not offer the feature but will have this available in the future.
A. Payments are processed on the last day of each month or by the selected due date. The payments could take up to 7-10 business days to process and post to your debt account.
A. The cap amount is simply your monthly budget using Spendaway.
A. Micropayment is a small amount that is added to every transaction.
A. Yes. There is only a minimum micropayment of $0.50.
A. Spendaway provides a dashboard for you to monitor running total of transactions which then will be sent to your debt account.
A. Spendaway aggregates all of the micropayments throughout the month and send an one time payment to your selected debt account on your behalf.
A. Spendaway first priority is to protect the users information. We use secure servers, bank level security, 256-bit level encryption and conduct frequent scans to protect users personal information.
A. Your account is still active and the micropayments will accrue. You can select a new "debt account" to apply the micropayments towards.
A. Yes. To cancel your subscription please send an email to info@spendaway.com.

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